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WHAT. A. NIGHT. We had the honor of hosting a panel of farmers, activists, and artists in support of the book Farming While Black by Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm. Amani O+, artist and farmer representing Soul Fire Farm, shared her work and spoke on the panel along with farmers and activists Melony Edwards of Willowood Farm, Rohn Amegatcher of Log Hollow Farm, and food & urban planning expert Eddie Benote Hill. Lane Selman, founder of Culinary Breeding Network, and Shannon Simms of Food Art Love helped bring this event to The Nightwood. Our panel shed much needed light on the challenges Black farmers face throughout the country and specifically here in the Pacific Northwest. Our sold-out audience represented a diverse community and we were thrilled how the night brought people together. We hope to you will support the cause by keeping up to date with our inspiring panel members on their social media channels. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know about events just like this.

Soul Fire Farm // @soulfirefarm • Facebook Soul Fire Farm
Farming While Black // @farmingwhileblack • Facebook Farming While Black
Amani O+ // @amanipoet
Melony Edwards // @melbelle206
Eddie Benote Hill // @blackagrifuturist
Log Hollow Farms // @loghollowfarms • Facebook Log Hollow Center
Lane Selman, Culinary Breeding Network // @culinarybreedingnetwork
Shannon Sims, Food Art Love // @loveshovel

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