Making Our Mark

Whiskey may have a manly reputation, but one lady definitely made her mark. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Maker’s Mark sponsored a special tasting dinner at The Nightwood honoring Margie Samuels. Margie came up with the tell tale red wax seal that tops each bottle of the legendary Kentucky bourbon. To celebrate all the great ideas that come from women, four teams of lady bartenders and entrepreneurs in Portland teamed up to create Maker’s Mark cocktails to complement a delicious four course dinner. Our own proprietress Michelle Battista and Hey Love’s Emily Mistell concocted a signature cocktail for the dessert course. It was beyond tasty, as were all the drinks!

Special thanks to Mariyah Lowden of Jackknife Bar and Moriah Hilden of Women Who Whiskey | Clara Ridabock of Victoria Bar and Glynis Olson of Fingerbang Nail Salons | Kari Graczyk of Mother’s Bistro and Ester Lev of The Wetland’s Conservancy

Extra special thanks to Maker’s Mark Ambassador Megan Breier, Brandy Feit, and of course Maker’s Mark. Also thank you to Confetti Travel Cafe for spreading the word about our event!

PHOTOS: Cheryl Juetten