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vegetables rule


In our world, vegetables and farmers rule. So we choose a vegetable-focused menu. We believe our vegetable farms and farmers are the stewards to the land and the key to a sustainable future. We are inspired by our farmers’ dedication and time spent working the land with our friends always fills our cups. It pushes us to find innovative ways to prepare and present these beautiful harvests. 

In the Pacific Northwest, finding food from the sea is deeply rooted in our culture. We favor wild caught fish and sustainably harvested shellfish from seafood sources who share our ideals. Like our vegetables, food from the sea offers something new each season and we love the challenge of creating something extraordinary with every ingredient.    

Our Kitchen Queen is a butcher by trade and one of the most talented chefs we know. When meats are requested, we source only the cleanest, high-quality meats available. We believe in whole animal butchery practices and utilizing the entire animal. We preserve all parts of the animal by producing fresh and cured charcuterie. Just like our vegetables and seafood, nothing goes to waste.

Why do we care so much about where our food comes from? It’s because we believe the stakes are high. We cultivate relationships, connect with our peers, and dream about a sustainable future for our land and waters – all in service of a more connected community.